Modern bed Coco 180

Modern bed Coco 180

180 x 200 cm, brown, with 2 nightstands

€ 899.- *

Other variations

180 x 200 cm, brown, with 2 bases and 2 innerspring mattresses

€ 1299.- *

180 x 200 cm, brown, with 2 bases and 2 pocketspring mattresses

€ 1499.- *

180 x 200 cm, brown, with 2 bases and 2 coldfoam mattresses

€ 1499.- *

Plus delivery costs

Modern bed Coco 180

Double bed with backwall in brown with black.

The bed comes with the backwall, including 2 bedside tables.

The bed has a comfortable height and a bench/ table at the footend, making the total length of the bed 237 cm. The sofa can be used as storage space.
The backwall is provided with a supporting pillow, but comes without the lighting points.

The bed can be made completely with 2 sprung slatted bases, type Wilco and comfortable mattresses of one of the following types:

Innerspring mattress, type Juwel.
Pocket spring mattress, type Champion.
Cold foam/ NASA mattress, type Swing.

You can also combine this bed with any other type of slatted base and mattress.

This bed is a good combination with wardrobe Coco.

Delivery time 2 days.

Delivery costs

€ 28 in the Netherlands and Belgium


Color brown
Dimensions 180 x 200 cm
Headboard height 88 cm
Bed contour height 42 cm
Width placing space +105.3 cm
Length placing space +37 cm
Nightstand width 51 cm
Nightstand height 44 cm
Nightstand depth 41 cm

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